Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 27~Unexpected Public Art

Lighted Yellow Penguins
We stumbled upon these outside the Kampa Museum, we didn't return when
it was open so I now have an excuse to return.
You can also note the giant wooden chair in the background.

The Namaste monk was in the same area, I like the view of repeating bridges
in the background.

David Černý (born December 15, 1967 in Prague) is a Jewish - Czech sculptor whose works can be seen in many locations in Prague. Word is that he is controversial!
Where he chooses to install his work is as interesting as the pieces

Statue of St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse located inside a shopping mall.
BTW, how beautiful is the inside of this mall?

Crawling Babies. The sight of car-sized, faceless infants crawling improbably up and down the Žižkov Television Tower is enough to stop even the most artsy traveler dead in their tracks. What might otherwise be a skyline-marring monstrosity is a tribute to the macabre national character. Only in Prague. Note: One can view a few examples of the babies at ground-level in Kampa Park along the Vlatava River. We didn't make
it to the TV tower.

Sigmund Freud hanging by one hand located in tiny corner of Old Town,
quite easy to miss this one.

Two Pissing Men located outside the Franz Kafka Museum.
An intricately orchestrated statue ballet featuring two opposing male figures oscillating at the waist and genitalia, urinating into a pond. One of the most interesting features of the sculpture (lost on the many American tourists posing for lurid photos at hip-level with the figures) is the fact that the border of the small pond is actually the outline of the Czech Republic.

Franz Kafka Statue - Prague
This interesting metal statue by sculptor Jaroslav Rona is based on a vivid description that appears in Franz Kafka's early short story "Description of a Struggle." Kafka wrote of a young man riding on another man's shoulders through the streets of Prague. In Rona's work, that figure is Kafka himself sitting astride a headless man.

I couldn't find any info on this unusual sliding door, it seemed
to be on some type of public works building.

These sculptures were located on a side street near our apartment.
I know nothing of their history of significance but I think they
are kind of great.

Graffiti in a city is not unexpected but the amount and location
of it was somewhat bothersome.
Notice the seated statue~Prague has more statues than anyplace I've been.

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