Saturday, August 16, 2014


Northampton MA- Home to Smith College is known as an artistic, musical, and countercultural hub. In a word the place is COOL!

I noticed at least three used book stores as well as a few new book stores.

You have to love a laundromat that has a book exchange...

Farmer's Market

We were not disappointed with the bike trails in the area, sights along the way.....

Crossing the Connecticut River

Northampton Brewery


Best 4th of July window display ever!

Solar panels on a factory

Turners Falls street art

Abandoned buildings-love

Greenfield-The People's Pint is a great place for lunch.


Originally a center of shipbuilding, East Boston has always been a neighborhood of immigrants. Today its population is made up largely of Italian-Americans and immigrants from Central and South America and Southeast Asia. That diversity is reflected in the neighborhood's myriad of ethnic restaurants. The nation's first branch library was built in East Boston in 1870. The housing is a mixture of old and new, including many restored triple-deckers. Logan Airport, is located here, making East Boston a gateway to people from around the world. Located across Boston Harbor, East Boston residents enjoy fantastic waterfront views of the city skyline.

Before I worked here, the only place in East Boston that was familiar was the airport. Ron and I took a Saturday morning cycle and made some pleasant discoveries.

Now that shipbuilding is no longer a major industry, much of the waterfront along the Chelsea River appears abandoned or is inaccessible.....a bike path would be an awesome addition.

The view of Boston is awesome! I know where I'm gonna watch the next full moon set.
future condos?

Surprise of the morning was finding Harbor Arts, set within the grounds and on the docks and barges of the historic Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina.

This is my favorite piece! Artist-Trace OConnor

The East Boston Greenway was lovely and rich with murals
We encountered this falcon having breakfast!

Community gardens


Meridian Street Bridge to Chelsea...we were too early to sample some of the fine cuisine available in "Eastie" so a return trip is in order.