Sunday, March 29, 2015


Four days of sunshine and 80°F was just what the doctor ordered. Jupiter is a beautiful place on the east coast of Florida.  Thanks Gail, for the invite, a place to sleep and sharing all your favorite places with me.

There's just something about palm trees!

Coral Cove Beach         Portuguese Man Of War

A model photobombed my picture with excellent results!

"High Five" bike rack

Sunrise on Jupiter Beach

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

This place is known for shopping but I fell in love with the little Vias, they had a delightful European feel.

Palm Beach

"Old Florida" architecture.....LOVE!

Jupiter Beach

Sunset from Gail's building

I love "used" table settings....Stewart FLA

Happy hour

Another "used table"....

A bike ride in Riverbend Park, Jupiter. Thanks again to Dana for providing the wheels and the company. This place was delightful, full of locals enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Juno Beach

Sunset Jupiter

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I live seven miles NW of downtown Boston and although I don't have the exact measurement the
six-week-plus snow siege left in my yard, I'm guessing it was pretty close to Boston's new record of 110.3 inches....that's 9.12 feet!
Don't get me wrong I love winter and found beauty with each new storm.

These images are from the first big storm the last week-end of January. I love naked trees with a light coating of snow, so pretty.

a little blizzard hardly phases this swan

This church in the center of town was used in the film JOY (JLaw, BCooper) just last week!

Stopped by the Stop 'n Shop in search of junk food...good thing we didn't need milk or bread.


There's always at least one hard core person on the road!

Early morning ski, nothing like waking up to two feet of fresh powder to shake out the cobwebs.

Storm #2 We now have about a four foot base in the local forest and the cross country skiing is amazing. It's also been bitterly cold so it's still powder.

Winthrop MA

This is frozen sea water, it has chunks of ice and salty slush

Here's a closer look, this is a unusual and kind of cool.

I love these ice covered rocks!

Still cold! Frost on the inside of my son's bedroom

Sunrise through the icicles on my house....we had to knock them all down to prevent ice dams from forming.
 Same sunrise from a different building

Half of our "snow removal" team. I won't lie, the shoveling looses it's glamour rather quickly when it becomes a daily chore.


Sunset at Horn Pond

Bicycles at MIT

Love this crazy building! The Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer, Information and Intelligence Sciences is built on the site of MIT's legendary Building 20, a "temporary" timber-framed building constructed during World War II that served as a breeding ground for many of the great ideas that were born at MIT. Designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry, the Stata Center is meant to carry on Building 20's innovative and serendipitous spirit, and to foster interaction and collaboration across many disciplines.

Bricks and birch