Thursday, May 29, 2014


Astoria Oregon is one of those places that evokes that de`ja´ vu feeling in me,  feels like home.

First glimpse of the Astoria-Megler Bridge, it connects Washington and Oregon and kind of dominates the town of Astoria.

A view of the bridge from Oregon

Sunset on the Riverwalk

Sunrise from out deck

Best surprise of the day...hundreds of SEALS!

Around town

Vault Lights, Sidewalk Prisms, Skylights to the Underworld!
Most of these glass squares found on sidewalks were to provide light for an "underground" part of a city. They are old enough to be made of "amethyst" glass (when lead was no longer used in glass, but manganese was added, causing the purpling effect). I would love to be looking through them from below.

Another example of Sidewalk Prisms and a story?

Astoria has some truely funky thrift stores

View from the Astoria Column

Where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean

Oldest bar in town

Monday, May 26, 2014

The delightful Olympic Peninsula

Seattle to Port Townsend

Weather was as advertized, intermittent rain and sun resulting in the most magnificent clouds

Port Townsend prides itself on its historic charm and stunning natural setting. It's a town which time has forgotten and is charmingly funky. Victorian buildings, piano music making it's way from a basement club, fading advertisements adorning brick walls, little cafes and enticing shops make wandering through down town a treat.

North Beach

The Art Deco Light Museum

Port Townsend to Long Beach-back on the road where we had mist, rain, sun and the most wonderful clouds....

Turquoise glacial lakes

Moss covered trees


Kalaloch Lodge located in The Olympic National Park was an amazing place to spend the night.



Early morning mist

Kite on Long Beach