Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 27~ Wandering through Mala´Strana

Mala´Strana or the Lesser Town is a lovely tangle of narrow cobblestone
streets, baroque houses and romantic gardens. It just begs to be wandered
through with the hope of getting lost, which of course has it's own rewards.

We started our morning with breakfast at Cafe´ Savoy. The cafes
in Prague have a ethereal feel to them and were one of my
favorite things about the city. Cafe´ Savoy had lovely breads
baked in this bakery in the basement.

One of those narrow cobbled streets...

Before 1770 homes were known and located by a charming system of
allegorical symbols. This is "The White Swan".

Love Locks
Legend has it that when you find your true love you carve your names on a lock and lock it onto the gate. You then throw the key in to the canal.

Lennon Wall~ a constantly evolving tribute to John Lennon,
begun after his death.

What's not to love about flowers in bloom in December!

These guys were enjoying themselves.

The Marionette shop

The Czech Republic is known for their great beers and no wander would
be complete without a stop at a local pub.

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