Sunday, May 22, 2016

SPACE COAST...sunrises and birds

  Ron and I took a nostalgic trip to Cocoa Beach, a     place my mom use to winter. We remembered it as       being low key and so relaxing, partially because she   gave us her room and bunked in with our son           Jonathan. Everyone was happy with the arrangement.
  First thing we did was walk the beach where we met     this guy. (short billed dowitcher)

  Sunset from the back of out airbnb

  love this!

  When you're staying on the beach on the East coast,   there is no excuse to miss sunrise.

  Great Blue Heron

  Cocoa Beach Pier

 We took an excursion to Canaveral National Seashore

  Sterna bergii (Greater Crested Tern) So much fun to

  No words...

  So many pelicans, I think they like being             photographed.


  Day 2 sunrise

  this is what happens when you shoot in sunset scene   mode!

  I never tire of watching the pelicans fish for         breakfast.

  sand crabs have freaky eyes

  This is the view from our airbnb.


  day 3 sunrise

  Cocoa Beach center

  day 4 sunrise