Saturday, April 27, 2013


"Boston took a punch on Monday — two of them, actually — that left it staggering for a bit. Flesh proved vulnerable, as flesh is wont to do, but the spirit merely trembled before recasting itself into something stronger than any bomb or rage." Dennis Lehane

Spring in Boston is long anticipated and fleeting but when it finally arrives there is a collective "ahh".
This year there is something special in the air, the sun feels warmer, people friendlier and the pace has slowed.
The Marathon bombings have saddened us, shown us the worst and the BEST of humankind and proved that good always prevails.

Tulips in Copley Square

Dogwood on Beacon Hill

The portrait, Boston Common

Swan Boats, Boston Public Garden

Ducklings with bonnets, Boston Public Garden

The Memorial Copley Square