Sunday, November 18, 2012


Long before Clint Eastwood made the empty chair a household word with comical connotations, they have been catching my eye. In arrays, different states of repair and odd locations; empty chairs invite the imagination on a journey.

On a street in lower Manhattan, I especially like that the partners are separated.

A motley grouping outside a bar in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen.

As the daughter of a pharmacist in the days of the corner drugstore, I find this
both familiar and nostalgic.

A variation on that theme...

Colorful Copenhagen

This is just so inviting...

In the wood near my house?

A park in Queens

Breakfast on a porch in Bar Harbor Maine

Lunch at the Copenhagen Zoo

NYC Public Library

A porch in a Montana ghost town.

Thrift store in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen.


Monday, November 5, 2012


October is the time of year when I want to slow time down and savor each moment. I love the smells, the blue of the sky, needing a sweater in the morning, walking barefoot on the beach one last time and of course the singing colors as Mother nature transitions into winter.

Cranes Beach


Pennsylvania Porch

Hay Rolls

Pennsylvania farm

Red Admiral Moth (Vanessa atalanta)

Beech leaves


Last Cosmos of summer

Great Blue Heron

sumac leaves

October sky

The beginning of Sandy

Holding the folks still dealing with the aftermath of sandy in my prayers.