Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week-end in Boston AUGUST 23-24

It's always fun to play the tourist in your own city. I love that after all these years, we are still able to find new neighborhoods and fun stuff to amuse ourselves with.

Free Saturday afternoon folk music concert at Carson Beach (So Boston) performed by The Western Den, I believe they are or were students at Berkley School of Music. They were talented.

Carson Beach

Spectacle Island on the horizon

"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls...." and bathroom stalls

Canadian Geese taking an ocean dip ?

Taking a break at our favorite tavern, The Atwood in Cambridge.

The TAZA Chocolate Tour was awesome! The chocolate is fabulous! This is not your mother's Hershey chocolate.

Somerville is a unique place...

Need a bumper?

Sunday morning stroll to Long Wharf

Someone had a good time last night......

Aboard the Boston Harbor Island Ferry to Georges Island, home of Fort Warren, seven miles from downtown Boston.

Long Island Head Light

View of Boston from Georges Island

When my boys were young, they loved exploring this fort. There are many dark tunnels, small passage ways and remains of a past that stimulate the imagination. And a few real ghost stories
to make falling asleep troublesome.

Bonus: 1860's baseball game.

ferry back to the mainland

Fort Independence, Castle Island So Boston....I spy the blimp flying over Fenway!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Our summer vacation has been a series two to three day trips throughout New England, Burlington Vermont was the longest trip from home and so worth the drive.
We explore the local bike trails and craft beer breweries....guess I've found my retirement activity!

We stopped for lunch in Waterbury VT, a small town known for Ben & Jerry's, Stowe Mt, Green Mt Coffee and it's craft beers.

We stopped mainly to sample the illusive Heady Topper (Alchemist Brewery Waterbury VT). It was a very good American double IPA. There's lots of hype about this beer and it's difficult to find even in Waterbury. My favorite beer of the trip was from Fiddlehead Brewery another American IPA called Second Fiddle.

This is the hot spot in town; crowded, noisy and a 40 minute wait so we ate down the street. I do like the name and the sign though.

Lake Champlain with the clouds constantly changing the mood...just stunning.
We cycled the 12 mile Island line Trail three times just because it was so beautiful...that's about 70 miles!

Early morning on the part of the trail that crosses the lake, so cool!

Keeping with our theme...Vermont Hops

The causeway is built atop huge marble boulders in every color.

Magic Hat Brewery...the folks who work here have so much fun!

Great Harvest Bread Company..... amazing bread and ambiance
generous free samples too!

Just caught my eye

Classic Vermont