Monday, October 15, 2012


No theme here, just things that caught my eye or made me think.....

The bike lanes have their own traffic signals.

Danish shoes left outside the boat.

The juxtaposition of old and new architecture is fascinating, this is the Royal Library.

I like how this building(Royal Library) reflects and distorts the 18th century architecture.

Bright colors of the bridge against the dark sky

Part of a short cut in the University area of town

The fence surrounding Free Christiania, the steeple is Our Saviors Church in Christianhavn.

Stork fountain on Strøget

copper roof reflection

Carlsberg Brewery

Botanical Gardens

Sculpture in Nørrebro

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I always shoot bikes and I love good street art. As I was going through my photos I found that I had married the two.

Had a kaffe in a great little place across the street from this mural in Nørrebro.

Saw this in another up and coming neighborhood, Vestebro.
Possibly my favorite area of Copenhagen and home to our favorite bar and craft brewery Mikkeller's.

One of the side streets off Strøget

Gateway to Free Christiana
In 1971, the Danish defence ministry closed its huge 18th-century fortress and left it to rot. Locals first tore down the fences to create a playground for their kids and were then joined by squatters and alternative characters of every kind. They took over the place and founded Christiania; a democratic and autonomous free city that would make its own laws and raise its own taxes. The Social Democratic government of the time declared it a "social experiment" and allowed it to continue.

There is a reason Copenhagen has clean streets!

This bike is just so pretty.

Drama is an art form, pretty sure you can fill in the story line. Mind you, it was about 50°F

There is way to much tagging in Copenhagen and usually it doesn't move me but I like the contrast here.


NYHAVN is a 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen. It is lined by brightly colored 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants.
The sun cooperated the morning I visited which was a pleasant change.


It didn't take long for me to wonder "what's with all the elephants?", they kept cropping up in unexpected places.
Google to the rescue:
The Order of the Elephant is the older and more distinguished one. In its current form, it dates back to 1580 but its historic roots go back to the foundation of the Fellowship of the Mother of God by Christian I in the middle of the 1400s. That originally-Catholic order was suspended in connection with The Reformation in 1536 but was revived during the reign of Frederik II (1559-88). The order’s badge is a white, enamelled, gold elephant decorated with a cross on one side and the monogram of the reigning monarch on the other.

Found this one outside of TIVOLI

Police Headquarters

Possibly my favorite....

Two beautiful granite elephants stand sentry at the Carlsberg Brewery

Home of the famous...

In 2011 the zoo had a fundraiser called Elephants on Parade. This idea of using painted animals around city streets as a charity fund raiser is a trend that’s becoming worldwide, we had cows here in Boston. The only one I found was at the zoo as the others had been auctioned off.

Live elephants at the zoo, in the rain.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love wandering in new cities and delighting in the unusual and unexpected.

This window washer seems to be looking at the sky which was promising rain.
Check out the size of his equipment (sorry) next to the size of the window!

Somehow the blankets don't make sitting outside any more inviting.

This bear fountain in the atrium of the Old Town Hall just made me smile.

KNIT-GRAIFFI Knitting a bridge. Tinna Þórudóttir Þorvaldsdóttir, power-knitter from Iceland made a beautiful bridge even more beautiful. 30 power-knitters were involved in the project, that can be seen in the old part of Christianshavn, Copenhagen.
As a knitter I love this idea!

Sign in Nyhaven

Purple bass case in Nyhaven


Window Art

Street Art

Great slide


COPENHAGEN~2012 part 1

Never one to turn down an opportunity to travel, when my husband was sent to Denmark for work, I tagged along.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam at sunrise.

Denmark from the air...excited YES!

We stayed in a fancy highrise hotel which is not the norm for us.
View from the elevator bank....hell, we don't usually stay in places with elevators!

Copenhagen skyline from our window...SPIRES!

TIVOLI GARDENS from our hotel window....that SAS building is the home of the iconic Raddison Blu Hotel designed by Arne Jacobson.

Woken up at 10PM by firworks~welcome to Copenhagen.

A quick city tour...
The Weather Girl (Danish: vejrpigen), Perched high on the Richs building on the corner of Rådhuspladsen and Vesterbrogade, the golden weather girl is a guilded sculpture group, telling the weather. One sculpture rotates to the front, depicting the girl with her bicycle. When the weather is set for rain, another sculpture rotates to the front, depicting her with an umbrella walking her dog. The sculpture group is from 1936 and designed by Einar Utzon-Frank. The temperature in C° is also reported.

BØRSEN the oldest Stock Exchange building in Denmark (b1619) is best known for the Dragon Spire shaped by the tails of four dragons twined together, reaching a height of 56 metres.

Custom House~now a four star restaurant

Royal Copenhagen China showroom located on Strøget the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium