Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Mid week jaunt to Portland ME, funky little city where I went to college, learned how to throw pots, met my man and had to leave 30 years ago because science jobs did not exist.
Has it changed? Yes and no but we left believing that "This is the way life's suppose to be".
A very walkable and bike friendly city.

Street art welcome

Probably the most visited area of Portland is the Old Port Exchange. A
quaint refurbished area with cobblestone streets, 19th century buildings, boutiques, restaurants and bars.
A bit touristy but worth the visit.
I concentrated on the docks themselves looking for a bit of the actual "old' port.

Fishing from the docks, lobstah boat, sail boats and Fort Gorges in the distance.

Still in business...

Fish houses on the pier

Street performance

Window shopping in the thrift stores on Munjoy Hill, I see a return trip in my future.

Bug Light, So Portland ME

Bug Light detail

Deering Oaks

Back Cove, early morning bike ride

Portland skyline, Back Cove

On the Eastern Promenade bike trail

Excellent way to begin the day......