Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 19, 2011 Ghent to Middleburg Nl.

Today we got a late start as we were sailing to the Holland border but had to wait for a bridge to open. Strangely, it opened at 7 AM on Sunday but not until 8:30 AM on Monday.
Everywhere we went today seemed to be closed and there were no people to be seen. I mean 10:30 AM in a small town and the only sign of life were 21 people riding bikes
in search of rest rooms.
Also I can find almost no photos taken that day...some kind of "bank holiday" time warp was occurring!

View of a power station taken during the cruise.

I do remember cycling through the polder (reclaimed land) area where we saw many farms growing corn, apples and two types of sugar beets.
Also we had a strong head wind ("dutch hill") for most of the day.

Blacksmith shop/cafe where we had lunch

Another shot for my bicycle series.

Houseboats on the canal in Middleburg.

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