Monday, September 26, 2011

September 16~17 BRUGES continued

Dogs live a civilized existence in Europe.

In Belgium, beer is more than just a beverage - it is a culture. With over 450 different varieties, many Belgian beers have personalized beer glasses in which only that beer may be served. This was my favorite local brew, enjoyed on a lovely patio by a canal.

Belgium is also famous for chocolate. I managed to eat all the chocolate I
bought for gifts before I came home. It was so good!

Woke up really early the first morning in need of coffee, the young man setting up this cafe let us in before he opened and saved the day. I liked his display of jams and nut butters. Best coffee in Bruges!

All this talk about food and I forgot to mention the fries. Belgium invented the french fry, there's actually a Frites Museum in Bruges. They are wonderful. We had ours with la sauce proven├žale, the natives eat theirs with mayonnaise. YUM!

random window display...

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