Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Barge, the bikes, fellow adventurers and the trial run

The WENDING, our home for the nest seven days. This deck proved an more than adequate spot for post ride conversations and libations.

Our bikes lined up and ready to roll, I'm sure we looked like a mother duck with her ducklings as we rode in a row of 21. Our tour guide Albert is quiet and all business.

Our guide Albert

Captain and cook, Jan and Nicole

Our test ride was to Damme, a small town seven Km outside of Bruges along a picturesque canal complete with working wind mill. We were all impressed with the consideration of cars and other cyclists we encountered.

Damme at first glance appears like a miniature Bruges but has it's own charm. We encountered our first rain as we rode into town. Cobblestones are even trickier when wet! Part of our group preparing for the ride back to the boat.
We are a group of mostly North Americans with a couple from Austrailia and a girl from Germany.

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