Sunday, September 29, 2013


Potpourri A combination of incongruous things.
Art, humor and stuff that caught my eye


Amusing that the end of the rainbow, sight of the proverbial "pot of gold", is a gas station.
Cue Beverly Hillbilly's theme song.

Newport, Co Mayo

favorite beach  Mulranny, Co Mayo

maybe my favorite sign...

The buildings constructed using these stones were beautiful.


We stayed here in Westport, Helm Apartments...favorite entrance for sure.

Our introduction to Hurling...Go Clare! Great rainy afternoon entertainment.
The game ended in a tie, players shook hands, what?
Rematch was played yesterday and Clare came away with the cup!

more signs....

I love this photo....

Famine Monument


spider webs and blackberries, both frequent sights.

Bunnratty Castle

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