Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Irish roads remind me of Boston roads; former cow paths that are narrower, steeper and make even less sense. Don't get me wrong, these were amazing roads to cycle on. Encountering an automobile was an event and when it occurred the drivers were so considerate.

No one in our group managed to cycle up this hill!

Undulating hills were far more frequent

The Irish are so friendly, stopped to take a picture and this pleasant fellow wanted to know if we were lost or maybe he just wanted to chat. Everyone wants to know where you're from, when you say Boston they want to know if you might know their cousin who lives there.

A road with grass growing in the middle means you are more likely to meet livestock than an inviting.

No, I wasn't kidding. (Note, this photo was taken in 2007.)

A bit obsessed with the roads, those orange flowers were growing everywhere, so pretty.

We got lost on this road....go figure.

Getting lost has its own rewards, a two mile down hill cycle into town.

ancient road in the Burren

This is Mark, our amazing guide, he would check up on us, give us helpful hints, cheer on our progress and hand us a bag of crisps for a post ride snack.
He took good care of us on the road and off.

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