Friday, September 20, 2013


The first animal I encountered....

Connemara Jack Russell Terrier, Irish Short Leg, Irish Jack.....??? I still wanted to bring one home with me.

There seemed to be horses everywhere and like the cows they seem to have the best real estate around. I went a little crazy photographing them so bear with me and be thankful I'm not showing you all my pictures.....yawn!

Such a noble beast.


meeting of the minds

These two were my favorites

Muscovy Duck

Tie Dyed Sheep

mmmm blackberries

I think the National bird of Ireland is a Lapwing, the crow should be the runner up because they are everywhere. At dawn and dusk the skies are full and they make such a racket.
This is a Jackdaw Crow



Billy Goat

Winter Robin

That's all folks......

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