Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oregon Coast

Finding words to describe the experience of the Oregon coast is challenging.  Visually it's stunning;
the rugged cliffs, deserted beaches and views that go on for miles, just amazing.
But, there is something more than spectacular views about it. The people are charming, the pace relaxing and meandering down the coast really felt like a vacation.

Dock in Astoria

Cannon Beach reflection

One of those empty beaches that goes on for miles, free access BTW and who doesn't love a little fog on their beach.

What happens when the fog lifts.

Pacific City surf board

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport Oregon

I'm against drive thru coffee shops, I'm opposed to drinking coffee while you're doing another task like walking, running errands etc.. Good coffee tastes so much better when drunk from a real cup at a table with a good friend or a good book. Stop and smell the coffee people.
I was pleased to see that this drive through shop gave one the option.

Haceta Head Light, Florence Oregon

This was the only thing interesting in Winchester Bay, too bad we weren't hungry.

Bandon Light in Bandon Oregon

Queen Annes Lace

There are lots of drift logs on the beaches, adds to the abandoned feeling of the coast.

Not exactly sure where these were taken other than in the southern part of the state.
It was a beautiful spot and the image that comes to mind when I think "Oregon".

Oregon Rocks.....peaceful, serene, beautiful....a place where one can just be.

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