Sunday, October 14, 2012


It didn't take long for me to wonder "what's with all the elephants?", they kept cropping up in unexpected places.
Google to the rescue:
The Order of the Elephant is the older and more distinguished one. In its current form, it dates back to 1580 but its historic roots go back to the foundation of the Fellowship of the Mother of God by Christian I in the middle of the 1400s. That originally-Catholic order was suspended in connection with The Reformation in 1536 but was revived during the reign of Frederik II (1559-88). The order’s badge is a white, enamelled, gold elephant decorated with a cross on one side and the monogram of the reigning monarch on the other.

Found this one outside of TIVOLI

Police Headquarters

Possibly my favorite....

Two beautiful granite elephants stand sentry at the Carlsberg Brewery

Home of the famous...

In 2011 the zoo had a fundraiser called Elephants on Parade. This idea of using painted animals around city streets as a charity fund raiser is a trend that’s becoming worldwide, we had cows here in Boston. The only one I found was at the zoo as the others had been auctioned off.

Live elephants at the zoo, in the rain.

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