Sunday, October 14, 2012


I always shoot bikes and I love good street art. As I was going through my photos I found that I had married the two.

Had a kaffe in a great little place across the street from this mural in Nørrebro.

Saw this in another up and coming neighborhood, Vestebro.
Possibly my favorite area of Copenhagen and home to our favorite bar and craft brewery Mikkeller's.

One of the side streets off Strøget

Gateway to Free Christiana
In 1971, the Danish defence ministry closed its huge 18th-century fortress and left it to rot. Locals first tore down the fences to create a playground for their kids and were then joined by squatters and alternative characters of every kind. They took over the place and founded Christiania; a democratic and autonomous free city that would make its own laws and raise its own taxes. The Social Democratic government of the time declared it a "social experiment" and allowed it to continue.

There is a reason Copenhagen has clean streets!

This bike is just so pretty.

Drama is an art form, pretty sure you can fill in the story line. Mind you, it was about 50°F

There is way to much tagging in Copenhagen and usually it doesn't move me but I like the contrast here.

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