Thursday, December 1, 2016


Day 5
On the books as our rest day which worked out quite well, it rained all day. Also, most of us had a touch or in some cases a punch of a "moroccan flu"
Reading, tea drinking, spa sessions (hammam is one of the best experiences for your whole body. The benefits are to eliminated dirt and harmful bacteria while relaxing deeply your entire body and mind. The stress and tension accumulated over the weeks can go away quietly and leave the room for the relaxation you deserve. ) and sleeping kept us occupied.
I did take a walk exploring the local flora and fauna.

Orange tree

Day 6
Today we cycled away from the lush valley and toward the Agafay desert.  This cycle was not without it's challenges, in fact most of us thought it was more difficult than our previous ride. It could have been we were still a bit under the weather, or all those hills, maybe the mud slides and the time the road was under water. However the sun was shining, the vistas amazing and we all made it. Everyone felt better at the end of this spectacular day.

my ride

High Atlas Mountain High

That was a long climb!

mud slide with a view!

road under water!

        Susan and Michelle
A well deserved rest after lunch

I have a thing for clotheslines!

 More harrowing than the mud slides and the hills was the cycle through Amizmiz on market day. The streets were clogged with cars, donkeys, carts, bikes and more people than we'd seen in three days! Apparently there are no rules on the road and it was pretty darn entertaining.

This guy reminds me of Wilson.


 First view of our nights lodgings~breathtaking
Scarabeo Camp

space, texture, clarity, magic, power, peace....just a few words that come to mind.

Photo credit for the next 4 pictures~ Saiid.  He was jumping sand dunes to keep up, he's the best!
The Camel Trek

at sunset~so cool!

What an amazing experience! 


Judy! I love this picture.

Me and my new friends!

Delicious candle light dinner

The tents were furnished with furniture, rugs and the most amazing bathroom. The lighting was pretty special too.

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  1. your words & photos are fabulous! they take me right back to that amazing place. thanks, reenie, for sharing.