Saturday, October 17, 2015

Portland ME- September 6-8

Portland, Maine is a favorite destination for many reasons. I use to live here so it feels cozy and familiar. It's easy to get around by foot, bicycle and car. There's a nice mixture of neighborhoods and within them is a cool co-existence of blue collar grit and casual hipness. 

The following caught my eye on an early September visit.

Tandem Coffee Roasters, gotta love their logo

Some picture leave the story up to the viewer....

I've always wanted to do a sunset cruise...first half is awesome then it gets "wicked" cold. It was a beautiful evening for it.

 Sunrise Cycle around the city, we do this every morning (sometimes twice)!

Art installation on the waterfront caught us off guard, they look so real!
Pack of Dogs by Andy Rosen
He built the dogs with PVC and fake fur, which he painted and distressed to look weathered. While the seven dogs are bolted in place on the pier, they move a little bit, especially their tails in the breeze. Rosen arranged them to look like a pack on the move.

street art along the bike trail


Another cool coffee shop logo

Old Port example of the gritty part of a neighborhood. I saw this banana tagger in a few other places around town.

Another morning, another sunrise.

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