Sunday, March 29, 2015


Four days of sunshine and 80°F was just what the doctor ordered. Jupiter is a beautiful place on the east coast of Florida.  Thanks Gail, for the invite, a place to sleep and sharing all your favorite places with me.

There's just something about palm trees!

Coral Cove Beach         Portuguese Man Of War

A model photobombed my picture with excellent results!

"High Five" bike rack

Sunrise on Jupiter Beach

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

This place is known for shopping but I fell in love with the little Vias, they had a delightful European feel.

Palm Beach

"Old Florida" architecture.....LOVE!

Jupiter Beach

Sunset from Gail's building

I love "used" table settings....Stewart FLA

Happy hour

Another "used table"....

A bike ride in Riverbend Park, Jupiter. Thanks again to Dana for providing the wheels and the company. This place was delightful, full of locals enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Juno Beach

Sunset Jupiter

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