Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My husband bought me a new bike in July, it's Italian, it's beautiful and a dream to ride. Seriously, compared to my 14 yo hybrid ride, this baby rolls along almost effortlessly.
Yes, I love my bike!

Needless to say, we've done a lot of riding this summer.
The Battle Road in Minuteman National Park is a Sunday morning favorite.

We saw this giant bull hanging out with his friends on the Battle Road.

View of Boston from Squantum Point Park in Quincy

Guys fishing in Squantum Point Park in the shadow of the famous Rainbow Swash natural gas storage tank. Painted in 1971 by Corita Kent,
the rainbow design painted on a 140-foot (43 m) tall LNG storage tank is the largest copyrighted work of art in the world.

Lily pads in Marlboro MA

Taking a rest after a long day....random.

My son moved to Providence RI this July.
Canals running through the center of town reminded me of Venice and then I saw these guys.

I love the feel of this photograph...Venice.

Sunset view of Providence skyline from the East Bay Bike Path

Rhode Island Geese

flowers in Bristol RI

Derry Rail Trail, Derry NH

I'm a bit obsessed with dragonflies....they rarely pose for pictures.

Eastern Trail,  Kennebunk ME 

Love to watch dogs swim

Sunset at Parsons Beach, Kennebunk ME

Reflections Woods Hole MA.... half way mark of the Shining Sea Bike trail on Cape Cod

Sunset from my back yard, love these summer evenings.....

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