Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The saying goes that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan and that Queens is the new Brooklyn.
My son lives in Queens, hotels are half the price, the view amazing and the transformation enticing.
Here are some images from my latest visit.

I mentioned the view, from my hotel room on a rainy foggy evening.

Street artists are alive and talented in Queens

Sculpture of iconic 1939 photograph of workmen lunching on a beam during construction of the Rockerfeller Center.

On a fence surrounding a work site,  I'm guessing a new library.

Two of my favorite subjects entwined

Sweetleaf Coffee Shop, a favorite stop.
One of the most civilized things about Long Island City/Oliver Strand NY Times

This seems to be the same on either side of the East River!

Gantry Plaza State Park, LIC. My new favorite park in NYC!
A former industrial space that has been transformed into a beautiful public park, I love how they
incorporated it's past functionality into it's present.

Gantries are shipping lifts used to load barges.

Breeze with a view

Plant is gone to make way for new construction, happy they kept the sign.


Exterminators shop window.... OUTSECT INC.

The walk back to the hotel

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