Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston MA
Keeping cool

Siesta with birds...

Controversial mural by Brazilliam twins Os Gemeos in Dewey Park.
This piece of art sparked some controversy as to it appearing like a Muslim
To me, it looks like a boy in pajamas playing an imaginary game and has
sparked an interest in viewing more of these two mens work now on display at ICA.

I LOVE the feet and hands....there is a fear in this country that I refuse to

Perfect Sunday morning on Cranes Beach, it was hot, the water warm enough to
enjoy, cool enough to refresh and most important the beach was all ours.
The early bird does in fact get the worm.

This is just beautiful!

Summer storms=rainbows

The Shining Sea Bikeway~North Falmouth to Woods Hole~a twenty mile

No summer is complete without a voyage on "BARBIE".
Captain and crew

The wake

Happy Hour view

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