Saturday, February 4, 2012

NYC~January 23-24

Time to talk about New years Resolutions, I needed time to let this
photographic resolution ferment in my brain because it means I need to step out of my comfort zone...taking pretty pictures of pretty things.

Two things happened:
My husband told me his favorite photos of mine from Prague were the one's with people
in them.
I visited a Photo exhibit of Vivian Maier's work while in NYC. I loved the
stories her photos told.
So this year I am going to photograph people and perhaps tell some stories of my own.

Took this with my phone and missed the shot I first saw...people move!

Chinatown Chess game (iphone has an impressive camera!)

Central Park (iphone)

waiting for the subway

camped out at Penn Station

I can't resist birds, even pigeons.

I've got a thing for boys with guitars as well.

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